Everything You Need To Know About Testosterone Supplements

guy who uses test boostersThink of this as your introduction to the world of testosterone supplements. This is a full guide giving you a crash course in the world of test boosters and other ways of helping yourself regain normal T levels. You should be able to find a whole bunch of useful information below which will also navigate you to other parts of the site that you will probably find helpful.

What are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone Boosters are simply supplements that will raise your T levels. They do this naturally, usually by helping your body to introduce new testosterone on its own either through helping it to increase testosterone production or helping the body absorb the testosterone it is already producing much more effectively. Either way, the focus is on natural testosterone production rather than introducing new testosterone into the body from the outside like steroids do which can cause bad side effects. So testosterone boosters are actually pretty safe.

Testosterone boosters use only natural ingredients, some common ones are plants like Fenugreek and Stinging nettle or minerals like Magnesium and Zinc. A testosterone booster is simply a combination of a whole formula of natural ingredients that either have been proven to or are believe to increase the bodies ability to create more testosterone.

This is essentially what differentiates the different boosters on the market from each other – their ingredients formulas. For example, a product such as Testrovax is missing some core ingredients that have been proven to boost testosterone levels such as magnesium and zinc. This in turn means that user results won’t be as effective – see what I mean by reading some real TestroVax results. On the other hand, a t booster such as Prime Male has a highly effective formula that has been proven in science and as a result users report great results.

The key is to understand the ingredients formulas of each product and make sure they are scientifically proven to boost t levels. This is where a lot of people go wrong and why a lot of users don’t get great results with testosterone supplements.

Why Should I Use Them?

You should use testosterone boosters if you either have Low T, have low energy, have low sex drive, are gaining excessive weight or simply want to put on muscle. Test boosters will help you to gain lots of lean muscle, recover quicker from workouts, get in better shape, increase cognitive functions, lower blood pressure and even improve prostate health. Ideally you should get tested for low t levels before taking these supplements and remember to always consult a doctor first before using them.

How do They Work?

Essentially they target growth hormones in the body and give them the fuel they need to produce testosterone at much higher levels. They also help increase the assimilation of testosterone into the body, so greater testosterone production plus greater absorption equals better health for most males.

What Should I look for in a good supplement?

Please stay away from anything that artificially introduces testosterone into the body from the outside in. Stick with only natural ingredients to be safe and look around for user results. The exact ingredient stack that works for everyone is different but in general I like to make sure the booster at least contains DAA, magnesium and zinc in some form for it to be effective. Note that zinc often comes in the form of oyster extract. Vitamin D is also important although not as essential as the other three and it is rare to have a deficiency of vitamin d.

There are very little side effects of t boosters, this is because they use all natural ingredients which is a big part of the appeal. If there are any side effects they tend to be from increased testosterone levels, not from the products themselves. These can include, acne, increased aggression and in rare cases headaches. That’s why you should always talk to a doctor first.

Product Reviews:

We will have lots of reviews of different test boosters coming soon, right now we only have our review of Pink Magic testosterone booster for you to look at. But I promise we will update this with more.


Overall test boosters are great products, they are very safe and can give you great increases in energy, strength, libido and muscle mass. Just be sure to get your t levels tested before using them and consult a physician, we generally don’t recommend them for men under 30 as they are not really needed at this age.